What is Chenille?.

French for caterpillar 'Chenille' is a short threaded style of fabric made by twisting short lengths of thread around a central yarn to create a raised, fuzzy to the touch and uniquely textured fabric. Dependant on the style, this method of twisting threads creates columns of raised fabric (similar to a caterpillar) which gives Chenille its uniquely luxurious and fuller-looking characteristic. Manufactured in varying designs, styles, and patterns, Chenille is an excellent choice to create that perfect cosy feel in any room.

  • Unique reflective qualities and almost shiny looking that add interest and texture to a room.
  • A soft, cosy and warm feel without losing any luxury or style.
  • The manufacturing process of Chenille also makes it a durable and long-lasting fabric.
Materials used.

Chenille isn't restricted to any one material and will often be manufactured with a mixture of materials to ensure a long-lasting and comfortable feel to your fabric, dependant on the purpose. Cotton, silk, rayon, and viscose in natural and synthetic forms are not uncommon in Chenille fabrics.


We recommend that all lined or trimmed products are dry cleaned, but a care leaflet will be included in any items we send to you. Any machine-washed Chenille should be machine-dried on a low heat and dried flat to avoid stretching, never hung.