Curtain Heading Types Explained.

Your curtains are unique to you with your chosen fabric and measurements. With plenty of options, you can also choose which heading bast suits the style you need.

Choice of headings:

Simply choose your fabric then your heading and we'll do the rest. Here's some information to help you choose which heading will fit with your style and furnishing.

Pencil pleat

The pencil pleat provides a uniform and full finish to your curtains and gives a simple, elegant look that won't break the bank. Pencil pleats are suitable for both tracks and poles. Supplied with three hook positions, it allows for some flexibility to how your curtains can be hung. The pencil pleats need to be pulled into position to form the perfect pleats.

We recommend a 3" length for short pencil pleat curtains and a longer 6" length for full length curtains.

Pinch pleat

Pinch pleats have a luxurious and decorative feel. Pinch pleats are fuller and use more fabric than ordinary pencil pleats as they feature permanently sewn in pleats to achieve a tailored look.

Pinch pleats are suitable for both tracks and poles.


Eyelet curtains are probably the easiest style to hang and dress with their soft pleats. They're a simple and contemporary option for any home. The eyelets come in 6 different finishes to suit all decor. Our eyelets have a diameter of 40mm meaning they are suitable for poles with a diameter of up to 35mm.

Eyelet curtains can only be hung on poles and are not suitable for tracks.

Your eyelet curtains will arrive ready to hang from your pole.